Freya's Wheel


Semi-firm, Alpine-style, brine-rubbed, aged goat cheese.  Think Asiago mixed with Gruyere. This rich and fudgy cheese melts well and compliments any cheese plate. Chewy, smooth, milky and bright. Hints of honey, caramel, strawberries, olives, shitaki mushrooms and toasted cashews.The aroma is of toasted pine-nuts and cooked cream.  Aged two-four months.  Perfect with sparkling rosé wine.  Pasteurized.3 - 3.5lb wheels.

World Cheese Awards Silver Medal 2016 / American Cheese Society Winner, 2015

Carena is named for an old country blues song that Bob Dylan later reinterpreted, the name Carena (Carina/Karina/Corrina) means loved or pure of heart. That about sums it up.