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Freya's Wheel

Semi-soft, bloomy rinded, goat's milk cheese.  A delicate cheese, chewy in texture with small eyes. Inspired by two European goat cheeses, Garrotxa and Ticklemore, it stands on its own with an approachable, creamy flavor, balanced on the edge of sweet and salty, savory and rich.   Think hazelnuts, mushrooms, butterscotch, tropical fruit and coconut. Pasteurized. 2.75 – 3.5lb. wheels.  Aged 7 -12 weeks.

1st Place Winner, American Dairy Goat Cheese Competition 2012, 2013

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Freya is the Norse Goddess of love, beauty, and war. Freya’s Wheel refers to her spinning wheel, which is the wheel of fate and fortune.  You can also see Freya’s spinning wheel in the night sky, which we now call the constellation Orion. We think this cheese is out-of-this-world.