specialty cheese

Limited Edition

We're always working on something new in our cheese caves. Small batches are produced for special occasions, holidays or on a trial basis. These experimental cheeses are often found at our Farmer’s Market booth and at select cheese shops and menus on the West Coast.

Some of these limited edition cheeses are:

  • Brigid’s Bender: A semi-firm cheese washed in red wine.

  • Daphne: A firm, aged cow’s milk cheese. Dense, with brown butter notes, tropical fruit brightness, and butterscotch overtones. Easily grated.

  • Saucy Maia: Soft cow’s milk cheese. Our, pudgy, custardy Maia washed in beer.

  • Saucy Nipper: A small, personal-sized, beer-washed cheese.

  • Mini Ginnie: A small format, cow’s milk cheese washed in a locally distilled Gin.

  • Evelyn: A semi-soft cheese washed in Riesling, If wrapped in Spruce Bark, it is called Strapping Evelyn.

  • Chevarino Romano - An extra-aged firm cheese, perfect for grating over roasted vegetables or pasta.

Mini Ginnie  - washed in Gin

Mini Ginnie - washed in Gin

Saucy Nipper  -a beer washed cheese.

Saucy Nipper -a beer washed cheese.