Where are the goats?

TIdeland Dairy Goats produce the milk that goes into most of our cheese.  These happy goats live just outside of Tillamook, Oregon, about 75 miles from our creamery in Dundee.  The herd plays on 20 acres of green pasture and they have a huge dairy barn for relaxing and snacking on alfalfa.  Life is good if you'e a goat at the beach.  

Brent Rocha is our dairyman.  He loves his goats and the goats come running when they see him. The Rocha family have been breeding goats for years and have many awards decorating the barn, a testament to the quality of the herd's great genetics.  If you see a duck in the slideshow, that's Sebastian.  He's been hanging around the barn for years and thinks he's a goat.