Handmade Artisan Cheese 


Briar Rose Creamery creates rich, delicate cheese by hand from sweet, fresh milk.  We nurture each small batch of cheese, and take the extra time needed to achieve the best flavor and texture, highlighting the seasonal qualities of our cheese.  We're a small, artisan cheese maker that loves this intimate, time-honored process that goes into every ounce of cheese that we create.  Making great cheese is our passion and we feel lucky to be able to share that passion for our craft with you.


Our Cheeses


Briar Rose Creamery takes time-honored traditions and makes cheeses that are distinctly delicious and current. Cheesemaking goes back thousands of years and we honor ancient techniques by creating every cheese, from our spreadable Fromage Blanc to our aged Callisto, with a delicate hand. This results in bright flavored cheeses that ripen perfectly to their full flavors. Our cheeses are made to pair well with craft beers and Oregon Pinot Noir. We look after every piece of cheese from the day it is created to the moment it leaves our doors, taking the time to get the most out of each wheel of cheese and every ounce of chèvre. Each piece of cheese has a depth of flavor that’s a pleasure to reveal. We’re pretty sure you’ll love our cheeses as much as we do.



Made with love in Dundee, Oregon


Briar Rose Creamery is located in the hills above Dundee, Oregon, due East of the Pacific Ocean. We're lovingly surrounded by acres of forest land and Pinot Noir vineyards. When we looked for a home for Briar Rose we focused on Yamhill County in the fertile Willamette Valley because of the natural resources: rivers, forests, and farmland. Our neighboring wineries make some of the best wines in the world. Since 2010 we have been embraced by the close-knit community of chefs, farmers, winemakers, and fellow food producers and enjoy adding cheese to the colorful landscape and palette of food made by hand in Oregon.