Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana is a basket-shaped, rindless feta-style cheese. It is creamy yet crumbly. This cheese spends its days maturing in a whey brine until the flavors reveal hints of orange blossoms, vanilla, buttered popcorn, and tangerines. If you’re a fan of Briar Rose Creamery's multiple-award-winning feta recipe then you’ll love it made with cow's milk!

Aged from two weeks to over four months. Made with pasteurized Guernsey cow’s milk and microbial rennet. 3.5lb - 4lb. wheels.

Fata Morgana Name Origin:

Why Fata Morgana? Traditional feta is only made with sheep’s milk or a blend of sheep and goat’s milk. Since we’re using cow’s milk, we named our feta-style cheese, Fata Morgana is named in honor of the ancient history behind this cheese.

Name comes from a Sicilian legend that surrounds an optical illusion that occurs over the nearby sea that give the appearance of ships or buildings floating above the surface of the water.  This optical illusion is called the “Fata Morgana”.   According to Sicilian legend (brought to the area by the invading Bretons in the 11th century), Fata Morgana/Morgan la Fey, King Arthur’s sister, lives in a castle that floats above the water, near Mt. Etna on Sicily. King Arthur, while visiting his sister, lost his horse in a cave on the side of Mt. Etna.  This magical cave is also mentioned in Homer’s “The Odyssey.” It is the very same cave that the Ulysses encounters the Cyclops milking his sheep and making feta cheese. Our feta-style, cow’s milk cheese is named Fata Morgana with a strong nod to these ancient tales.