Hugged with French Spruce bark. Semi-soft, COW’S milk cheese rubbed with brine. Flavors of balsam, blackberries, damp campfire, toasted almonds and custard. Ham too! Made with organic Ayrshire cow’s milk. Funkytown.  Pasteurized.  Aged 8+ weeks, 1 pound wheels. Limited availability.


Pheobe is also Greek.  She’s a Titan, an ancient race of giant gods and goddess who lived before the time of Zeus, Hera, and Apollo, the gods of Mt. Olympus.  She’s the Goddess of Prophetic Radiance.  Her name means “bright intellect, radiant, and prophetic, or Bright Moon.”  Phoebe is seen as the Titan goddess of prophecy and oracular intellect and myths call her the 3rd prophet at the Oracle at Delphi.