Semi-soft, washed rind, raclette/havarti/epoisse-style cow's milk cheese.  Slightly funky, earthy, meaty, sweet cream, and melon. Made with organic cow’s milk.  Pasteurized. Aged 2+ months. 2 pound wheels. 


Honnalee is where Puff the Magic Dragon lives by the sea.  It is a land where magic and immortal dragons are real. No one ages there, dreams come true, and childish innocence is never lost in Honnalee. It is a reminder to stay playful, take time to have fun, and not lose one’s sense of wonder as one ages. Powerful stuff!  The song comes from a poem written by a 19 year old physics student at Cornell University in 1959.  Peter Yarrow – of Peter, Paul, and Mary set the poem to music and recorded it.