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Semi-soft, cow’s milk cheese with a supple paste and a few eyes.  Flavor is approachable, with hints of buttered toast, warm popcorn, savory fudge/tootsie roll, green olives, and panna cotta. Think Havarti meets a classic tomme. Melty goodness!  Pasteurized. Aged 8+ weeks. 2 pound wheels. 


Damona: Celtic white cow goddess from pre-Roman Burgundy (Gaul.)  Name means Divine Cow.  She’s the goddess of prophecy as well as healing through sleep and dreams and has several healing hot springs associated with her.  She wears a crown of wheat on her head to symbolize fertility and has a snake wrapped around her arm as a symbol of healing, rebirth, and regeneration (as snakes shed their skin and are regenerated.) She can take the form of a white cow.  Cows are a symbol of wealth and prosperity – all attributes of Damona.