Semi-firm, washed rind COW’S milk cheese.  Fontina/Asiago-like, Alpine-style, dense & chewy paste with a few eyes.  Melts well, easy to snack upon.  Sour cream, roasted sunflower seeds, peanut skin, shiitake mushrooms, brown buttered popcorn notes. Slightly sharp on the finish.  Aged three + months.  Pasteurized.Approx 4lb. - 4.5 pound squares.


A nymph from Greek and Roman mythology.  She was one of the closest hunting companions of the goddess Artemis/Diana. She’s associated with the moon.  Her name means “most beautiful.”  Depending on the storyteller, either Zeus, Hera, or Artemis transformed Callisto into a great bear when she became pregnant by Zeus. Her son was raised in a cave by Maia, the goddess of Spring.  Callisto was later transformed into the constellation of Ursa Major/The Great Bear in order to save her from death.  Callisto is also the mentally unstable, but kick-ass nemesis of Xena, Warrior Princess on the Sam Raimi TV show from the ‘90’s.